Lazy MoFo

January 4, 2009

I haven’t burnt off and send out the LJ CDs yet. Sorry. Christmas and NY got in the way.

Will get on it as soon as I can.

What a nice bunch you are. I got rather more emails than I was expecting re: the LJ CD thing.

I’ll probably send out more than the original 5 I was planning, just because people took the time to send a message….and it seems rude not to reward that somehow.

OK, so I’m going to run off a few CD copies of “Strange Game” and 5 people I don’t know can have a copy. Serial numbers 0005-0009 are allocated for this. Each copy will be unique in the sense that the serial number is printed on the CD itself so they’ll all be a one-of-a-kind….

It’s a simple thing really, you send an email to saying why you should have one, in as many or as few words as you like (funny ones are good) and I’ll pick my favourite five and send you a CD – at no charge whatsoever, wherever you are in the world…

Closing date is December 15th 2008 – I’ll probably be quite slow at sending them out, and it’ll get caught in the Christmas posting chaos, but they should be with the ‘winners’ by the New Year-ish…

Finished the LJ album this afternoon.


Should be up on iTunes end of January I’m thinking.

Update: Will be out on iTunes and other fine download establishments (list to follow) on 3rd Feb 2009.


November 11, 2008

You know I said the BPA album would have 14 tracks?

Well it’s back to 12 again. At least in the UK.

Different bits of the world will have slightly different versions of the album, depending on our mood, so look out for non-UK tracks popping up here and there. And, if you’re in the right place in the world, there will be vinyl fun too.

Spent all day in a shiny mastering room yesterday getting all the tracks to their final stage.

It’s all ‘in the can’ now, as the filmy types would say.

I’m playing around with editing some public domain video footage together for a possible first LJ single. It’ll probably look a little bit like this (but edited to the beat and be a bit more interesting generally)

You’ve gotta love what’s out there to play with for free, you really have.

Album now has 14 tracks, not just the 12. No, not the LJ album, the other one…