The phone lines are now closed

December 16, 2008

What a nice bunch you are. I got rather more emails than I was expecting re: the LJ CD thing.

I’ll probably send out more than the original 5 I was planning, just because people took the time to send a message….and it seems rude not to reward that somehow.

One Response to “The phone lines are now closed”

  1. Dan Says:

    Aaah – i’m all excited now. Will I… won’t I…

    @Twitter: I did see ‘TDTESS’, admittedly I’ve yet to see the original to compare (I like my old films) – wasn’t poor, but still disappointing… rushed – like a 90 min trailer, you still feel there was more to show.
    And I know what you mean with the xbox vids – nice, potential, but nothing I don’t own/wan’t-to-see already. But films are added nearly every day, so I’m giving it chance.

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