5 very limited edition Login:Joshua CDs up for grabs

December 1, 2008

OK, so I’m going to run off a few CD copies of “Strange Game” and 5 people I don’t know can have a copy. Serial numbers 0005-0009 are allocated for this. Each copy will be unique in the sense that the serial number is printed on the CD itself so they’ll all be a one-of-a-kind….

It’s a simple thing really, you send an email to hello@loginjoshua.com saying why you should have one, in as many or as few words as you like (funny ones are good) and I’ll pick my favourite five and send you a CD – at no charge whatsoever, wherever you are in the world…

Closing date is December 15th 2008 – I’ll probably be quite slow at sending them out, and it’ll get caught in the Christmas posting chaos, but they should be with the ‘winners’ by the New Year-ish…

5 Responses to “5 very limited edition Login:Joshua CDs up for grabs”

  1. Dan Says:

    Random quiz:
    RE: NS10’s – large majority of (internet) people say they are rubbish, or rubbish but good to reference to cheap stereos.
    You agree? Why not buy just cheap speakers from boot sale, then spend silly money on them?
    Sorry if it’s a can-of-worms thing. Have ‘SN10’s’ myself – but thats a ‘look’ thing than a ‘sound’ thing.

  2. Dan Says:

    Oh – found this for kicks: http://www.ns-10.net/

  3. Dan Says:

    re: twitter – xbox 360, I’ll add you simply to ‘have’ a friend. I don’t have any games for it because I only got it working today! (bought dead).
    But yeah – that power brick is quite the door stop (and I thought the Wii was bad)… keeps with the retro 80’s theme as of late.

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