November 11, 2008

You know I said the BPA album would have 14 tracks?

Well it’s back to 12 again. At least in the UK.

Different bits of the world will have slightly different versions of the album, depending on our mood, so look out for non-UK tracks popping up here and there. And, if you’re in the right place in the world, there will be vinyl fun too.

Spent all day in a shiny mastering room yesterday getting all the tracks to their final stage.

It’s all ‘in the can’ now, as the filmy types would say.

3 Responses to “Versions”

  1. Dan Says:

    Hints/Clues on where in the world?

    And why though? You did that with BLTC and YCALWB!
    (Though not so bad these days, importing is a lot easier)

  2. Dan Says:


    Metropolis is a bit posh – Could loose myself for weeks there!
    Which studio did you use?

  3. All good :-), as Dan says, it’s easier to import now days. Oooohh vinyl !! yummy 🙂

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