The New World Order (for music)

August 10, 2008

So here’s the thing. I’ve got a massive rant brewing up about how the “Record Industry”, as a whole, just isn’t getting how the world works these days. The problem is the rant is so long and detailed that it seems to be taking me months to write the bloody post…so for now I’ll just have to say that it’s in on its way…

In the meantime I have sort of proved something to myself this evening. After a weekend of seeing one too many films with dodgy 80s soundtracks i.e. “War Games” on Saturday – my birthday – which was some sort of present from the TV schedulers I think – followed by watching “Scarface” later the same night (and being reminded about how dreadful the music is in it) I found myself in a real crap 80s synth music mood….

  • The clock struck 4:30pm Sunday afternoon.
  • I decided I wanted to make a really obvious 80s electronic dance-ish track just for the hell of it.
  • I only wanted to spend a couple of hours on it. Let’s not get carried away.
  • Booted up Mac, Pro Tools, soft synths. Go!
  • 6:30pm it was pretty much done.
  • From booting Mac, to loading up the samples, to writing the parts, to recording the parts, to mixing it = 2 and a bit hours.
  • I thought given the inspiration I should tag it all under something relevant to the weekend past. Came up with the artist name of “Login Joshua”
  • Registered the domain name for “” about 7pm.
  • The domain was working and visible 10 minutes later
  • Did a search for appropriate “War Games”-esq font, to create the basic website look. Found one.
  • Five minutes in Photoshop = main logo done. Uploaded basic page to my web host.
  • One final listen to mix of new ‘track’, bounce down to AIFF, master it, convert to mp3, upload to new ‘website’ whilst editing HTML of basic page.
  • 7.30pm. The whole thing has gone from basic idea, to making the music, to mixing the track, to thinking of project name, to registering new domain name (10 UKP), to finding font for new project name, to uploading basic page, to uploading mp3 of first track rough mix, to publishing whole thing – in just over 3 hours. Start to finish. One person, one Sunday evening.

The track is NOT great, I say that now, it was SUPPOSED to sound like a really basic 80s B Side, but that’s point – had the idea, did it (thanks to current recording technology), put it up for the world to hear – in less than one evening…

This is the speed, and the way, music creation now works – and it’s one of the main things the Record Industry at large just isn’t getting…..but the detail of that is for another day….


[edit: you gotta love Google, searching for “login joshua” already lists this site, albeit someway down the page 1 list, at 9pm the same night.

Edit edit: now it’s top of the list. Super]


5 Responses to “The New World Order (for music)”

  1. Caminadella Says:

    For what it’s worth, I REALLY like the track.
    8FM sounds like a Fatboy Slim B-Side, maybe “80’s style electronic music” isn’t a good label for it.

  2. Simon Thornton Says:

    Yeah I just put 8FM up later on to test something out, it’s gone again now (well the link to it has), just the 2 hour track up there, as it should be….

  3. Dan Says:

    *cough* Tastes like chicken? *cough*


  4. Simon Thornton Says:

    nothing like a distraction to get the work done, heehee

  5. Dan Says:

    Actually really liking the track that’s up there, shame I missed the ‘limited edition’ one.
    But some of the best stuff comes from having fun – not pushing deadlines.

    Nabbed it for a ring-tone too :-3

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