It strikes me that I should write more about the current state of the music business, or lack of business, than I do. It’s something I plan to address at some point soon.

In the meantime, there’s two bits of writing that might be interesting to read on the subject:

The first post is by my good lady and covers in some detail the recent movements in the online ‘mix tape’ type services i.e. ‘the sharing music online with your friends in some sort of playlist’ aspect that’s getting some on this side of the business all in a flap.

The second post (actually a talk) is by Rhodri Marsden, who’s someone I’ve been bumping into – in a virtual sense – for a while now.

I more than broadly agree with the contents of both.

Work Work Work

August 28, 2008

Well, wouldn’t you know that real life and work has gone and interrupted my little experiments…

Still, I’ve been putting together a nice little BPA-related item which will be revealed in due course.

Oooh, cryptic. As ever.

L:J tracks 6 & 7 are pretty much done, but not to a standard that they can be uploaded, and I’m hoping to finish them off and crack on with the rest just as soon as I can.

Just so you know.

Excuse the mess…

August 20, 2008

…obviously I’m mucking around with a new look but I’m not really sure what I’m after yet – therefore it’ll probably all be a bit messy around here for a day or two!

The BPA – next single

August 19, 2008

There’s a plan to have the 2nd BPA single out for the end of September/early October time.

I can’t give title or vocalist details yet though.

And in case you haven’t visited it recently – over on the new BPA website you can get yourself a download of a Toe Jam remix plus a little video thing we put together about the whole BPA back story business – just for the cost of an email (i.e. free)

So, fifth track now up at Login Joshua.

Bit rough round the edges, but is OK for now. My (current) plan is to get 10 tracks pretty much done, leave them for a few weeks, come back to it and finish them all off and then work out what to do with it.

I’m looking to continue the whole ‘experiment’ though and so I’ll will be looking to get it onto the major download services in an easy a way as possible. Just to see if it can be that easy.

It’s lots of fun doing things without a deadline and without having to measure up to a brief! (as long as the result is not something that’s totally shit, naturally)


August 19, 2008

You’re acting like a bunch of idiots. I’m hoping you’re not actually idiots, but I’m struggling to find proof at the moment….

Muxtape was/is NOT a threat to anyone.

Time for everybody to go play on instead then.

[via-ish No Rock]

[Edit: Yes, I realise that 8tracks operates under a web radio station-esq licence and so money is paid back to the collection agencies – where I’m thinking Muxtape perhaps didn’t do this – but really, they’re going after the wrong people here]

4 out of 10 (tracks done)

August 17, 2008

Another new track up at Login:Joshua tonight.

The first 3 tracks on the site have been (re)named but there’s no difference in the files themselves.

Went a bit techno in places on this one, still what can you do?

Onwards and upwards (or at least slightly sideways)…