…is now explained in all it’s glorious detail here.

More New Music…

May 7, 2008

Not BPA, or FBS, or any other TLA you can think of (so look away now if that’s your thing)

I’ve just finished a new Go Go Underground track – called “Silly Man” – and you can grab it HERE. (4.3Mb 192Kbps mp3)

All the usual gubbins applies: all rights reserved, © 2008 Simon Thornton. No commercial use etc etc.

The First Single

May 3, 2008

Some people have noticed a few BPA tracks turning up on a certain website. I’m not sure yet what’s gonna happen with sites in general for this project – that particular page may stay (but will be done properly!) or other things might be created instead.

Back to the point though – one of the tracks that has just appeared will be the first BPA single. It’s probably not too hard to work out which one it is. Another one of them might well be the 2nd single. Probably. Maybe. Possibly.

Snapshot, Day 2

May 3, 2008

shadow pic