Yes, I know some info is out there already. It’s not quite time yet to let all the cats out of the bags we’ve been keeping them in (there’s some law against that sort of thing, I’m guessing) but I can confirm some things just to start it all rolling.

As mentioned in various places (search for them if you want, saves me finding the links and putting them in here) the new album Norman and myself have co-producing for the last, well, year-and-change will be released under the name of “Brighton Port Authority” – we just call it “BPA” between ourselves because that’s shorter and we like 3 letter names (Haha, well it’s worked before!)

The album contains lots of guests. The names that have already slipped out are David Byrne, Martha Wainwright and Ashley Beedle. And of course the one track that has already been released to the world, on the “Heroes” soundtrack, features our friend Iggy Pop.

So who else is appearing on the new record you may ask? (Oh go on, ask) – well I can’t say just yet (boooo!) but put it like this: there’s a few people you’ll know, a few people you won’t, some rising stars and some old favourites. And a surprise or two.

Release date? Certainly not next month as I’ve seen mentioned a few places! (I think that was Norm mucking about a bit) but mid- to late- summer I’d guess at the moment. With a single or two beforehand. Well, definitely at least one single first. The video for it has just been shot and is being edited as I type this…it’s gonna get people talking! (Reports in some rather odd places about what might happen in the video are, surprisingly, potentially correct)

As to the sound of the album – well, it’s not a Fatboy Slim record in name and generally it’s not a Fatboy Slim record in nature (you might then think that’s why it isn’t being released under the FBS tag then – well, that could be part of it!) BUT it just can’t help sounding like us in many places. We tried but couldn’t get rid of it (I’m kidding, OK?). It’s just us coming from a different direction I’ll suggest. There will be no 8 minute bleep-fests, that much I can share with you. You’ll be tapping your feet, but singing along as well. Oh, cryptic.

There’s just a few more tracks to finish off (all the recording is done so there’s just some mixing and final sorting out to do) and then the PR machine will no doubt kick in and more details will be coming your way as soon as TPTB say it’s allowed. I mean, we’re at the stage that the artwork is pretty much agreed and the general direction of the look and feel of the whole project has been decided (you’d be amazed how long that process takes sometimes) so it’s all nearly there now!


More on BPA as soon as I can.

[As a very personal aside – I really speak just for myself here – there are going to be people that want this new album sound like a FBS record and they will moan that it isn’t one. Tough. For me that’s a good reason to put it out under a different name. If it’s not called FBS, then don’t expect it to be like a FBS record! The fact somehow people aren’t allowed to do different things (under a different name, or indeed the same one) is a bit of an annoyance to me. I am hoping that people who think/know they don’t like Fatboy Slim stuff might have a chance to check out the BPA album – whereas if it was called FBS they might just skip it without giving it a listen. I suspect quite a few FBS fans will like the BPA stuff, they generally seem like an intelligent bunch to me. The people that are still just waiting for “You’ve Come A Long Way, Baby II” : Firstly, why? You have v1.0, and it’s still good. Turn it up and enjoy it again. Secondly, you should know now the BPA album isn’t what you’re looking for. But it’s good too. I fully expect to see “New FBS album is nothing like FBS, what’s going on? This isn’t what we want!” type comments on websites as soon as it’s out….sigh…]

In other news, Norman and myself are currently producing a project for another artist – who I certainly can’t name just yet (sorry!) but we’re being very busy, that’s for sure. Had a fun day in the studio today, things are going along very nicely.