June 29, 2007

Prince might give his new album away for free.

(excellent idea, I think)

Fopp record shops to close?

(a shame, but this is not a suprise)

Record shops almost got it as wrong as the wider ‘record business’ did when it came to spotting the future.

Covering your ears and going “La La La” is not a sustainable business plan….

Currently, I’m being amused by record companies STILL falling over themselves to make sure their MySpace
‘presence’ is up to scratch.

WAY behind there, I’m afraid. When MS was newish yeah it made sense to make a noise there, but now there’s no
chance of really making a difference.

On a similar issue, I also chuckle that now a URL of the type ‘http://www.myspace.com/bandname’ is seen to be more important than a relevant URL for the artist (i.e. http://www.bandname.com) these days. Oh how that will come round and bite record companies on the arse RSN.